Are you going to buy the Galaxy S20 BTS Edition?


Chatting with the AC forums.

We’ve seen plenty of special/limited edition smartphones over the years, including ones that tie-in with the likes of Star Wars and Marvel. Samsung is often a big proponent of these types of releases, with its latest offering being the Galaxy S20 BTS Edition.

This special variant of the Galaxy S20+ comes in a striking pink colorway, a small heart on the camera housing, and a BTS logo on the back. You also get a pair of Galaxy Buds+, which are presented in a purple paint job. Seeing as how BTS is one of the most popular music groups in the world, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Samsung would capitalize on their success.

Taking a look through the AC forums, reactions to the design seem to be pretty mixed.

06-24-2020 08:50 PM

I won’t be buying this.


B. Diddy
06-24-2020 08:52 PM

They need a Metallica edition.:p


06-24-2020 10:08 PM

Uh, I *like* this! Especially the colour!


Florida Guy
06-25-2020 07:57 AM

Count me out


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