How are you liking the Galaxy Buds Live?


Let’s chat with the AC forums.

Samsung launched a lot of new products last month, one of which was the Galaxy Buds Live. The world for wireless earbuds is a highly competitive one, but the Buds Live managed to find solid footing thanks to the unique design, great audio quality, strong battery life, and competitive price.

We’re rather fond of the Buds Live here at AC, but what do our forum members think about the earbuds? Let’s ask them!

A few members in the forums have a pair of Buds Live themselves, and this is what they think about Samsung’s latest earbuds:

08-27-2020 09:08 AM

Had a $150 Samsung credit and couldn’t see anything else I wanted, so I got the Buds Live. They sound really good, and it’s nice to have the noise cancelation mode. They don’t plug your ear canal, so you don’t get that head cold plugged up feeling. The design is great, and they stay in nicely. The app is well designed, and setup was a breeze. Wireless charging and the ability to charge from…


08-27-2020 09:27 AM

I have tried with a couple other buds and to be honest, they are not great if you are looking for total isolation. You can watch pretty much any review vid or read articles that cover this. However, when it comes to working at my desk and just needing to remove the distracting background noise and still be able to know things are going on around you, they are great for that. Due to the fact…


Kizzy Catwoman
08-27-2020 11:53 AM

I got a pair as an early Xmas and Birthday present. The in-ear galaxy buds was irritating my right ear and I was getting a lot of ear infections. These sit next to the canal and are super comfy. I like that they filter loud noises and the isolation works well for me too. They are a seriously good buy


08-27-2020 01:10 PM

Agreed. I have the AirPods Pro too, and compared them, and to me, the Samsung Buds Live have more bass, and midrange, the AirPods have more treble and sound a bit clearer. I like them both though! The AirPods have a much better (forget the name) filtering out ambient noises though.


Now, we want to hear from you — How are you liking the Galaxy Buds Live?

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