Marvel’s Avengers: Bugs, issues, and other known problems


We’re keeping track as things are patched and new issues are discovered.

Marvel’s Avengers is available to play and as players are making their way through the story and side missions, a fair few bugs and glitches are being noticed. We noted in our Marvel’s Avengers review that the game was buggy at launch, and we’re hoping that Crystal Dynamics will be on top of those fixes, but there are a lot of issues, which makes sense with a game that wants to do as much as this one does.

Current issues

These are some of the issues that the team is currently working on via the subreddit. Others are reported by players.

  • Fabrication machine not distributing awards.
  • “Interrogation Anxiety” mission can’t be completed.
  • “House Call” mission can’t be completed.
  • Infrequent infinite loading screens.
  • Community challenges not updating in real-time.
  • Credits sometimes don’t appear.
  • Previewing skins can freeze the game.
  • Characters freeze and can’t move until being hit.

Issues we’ve had

  • Infinite loading screens along with some generally slow loading.
  • Issue with fabrication machine mentioned above.
  • Game needs to be rebooted following crashed loading screens.
  • Textures don’t load in immediately.
  • Some enemies appear invisible during combat.
  • Audio cues don’t load in.

Fixed issues

  • Character duplication and swaps during late-game Golden Gate Bridge sequence.

Following V1.0 build 12.11 on PC

  • Fixed issue where unlocked outfits would go back to being unlocked.
  • Fixed bug where players would fall out of world when entering the Avengers Initiative (the multiplayer portion).

Following V1.2.5 for PlayStation and Xbox

  • Fixed infinite loading screen.
  • Addressed some instances of a partially loaded Helicarrier that caused characters to fall out of the world.
  • Campaign Mission outfits no longer disappear from inventory.
  • Marketplace and Challenge Card outfits shouldn’t appear temporarily locked.
  • UI improvements and other optimizations.

Are there any bugs or problems you’ve encountered while playing? Sound off in the comments below.

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